Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Illustrator Promo Research

The illustrators I have chosen, to me, seem to speak about the conversations and considerations I have talked about in class, and the works that are shown here are examples of the things I like to do with my own work, and perhaps even possibilities for directions I may take in the near future. Whatever the case, I feel that these artists and their work are really inspiring, and if you know me, and what I like to do in my work sometimes, I think you'll be able to see why.

Paul Thurlby

In reference to my dilemmas with my handling of people(whether self-fabricated or otherwise), Thurlby's approach seems rather playful, caricature-like, and does not appear to take itself super-seriously. His packaging is simple, yet highlights precisely, the place in which his talent lies: people. His style is reminiscent of cut-paper, and that's yet another feature of his work that appeals to me as an illustrator.

Lou Lou & Tummie

The handling of cityscapes and with a love of all things urban, my passion lies in the lines of the city. So it's not a surprise that Lou Lou & Tummie's postcard design caught my eye. I really enjoy the manipulation of the street layout as text, the cartoonish handling of the landscape, as well as the bold yet strangely pleasing color scheme.

Rod Hunt

The Majority of Hunt's work is in an isometric layout, many times with a bird's eye view of a microcosm of animated life, often scenes of whole city blocks, intersections, building cut-aways, etc. However this promotional card is a great example of the smooth coloring, playful content, and impressive technical detail that all of his work contains. Besides, there's nothing better than robots and girls.

Christine Berrie

Ok, now when I stumbled upon this girl, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, and i just kept looking. Her pieces are incredibly technically accurate, and that's the kind of thing I drool over. The subject matter she deals with range from old cameras, mopeds, architecture, and various machines. The realism in her work, along with her attention to detail are refreshing, considering great deal of work coming from emerging illustrators right now, is often cartoon-like in it's simplicity, while Ms. Berries work is a bit more 'mature' in it's approach.

Rosemary Travale

This is what I mean when I talk about being, "cartoon-like in it's simplicity" ...It isn't always necessarily a bad thing. Rosemary Travale's work is simple, but at the same time very charming and elegant in it's execution. Her line work is indicative, and seems to flow at times, rather thick. Yet it can also be thin and descriptive. Whichever it becomes at any given time, it is as energetic as her color choices. Here we see a business card, and small graphic cards and prints all designed by her, and containing brilliant examples of the variety of ideas and content featured in her work.

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