Friday, November 6, 2009

Scot Ritchie

Scot is an award winning illustrator who has been drawing ever since he could hold a crayon. These days he works digitally and has been hired by editors and art directors from around the world.

He's equally at home with Advertising, Editorial, Map or Educational work. His children's books have been translated into Korean, Dutch, French and Polish. To date he has illustrated 33 books and is now an author with the release of "Up Up and Away."

Scot loves to travel and has been able to pack up his laptop and work from London, Berlin and Hawaii. He now lives in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, just a stones throw from the ocean.

Nicolle Rager

As much as Nicolle loves DC, she still thinks of herself as a "west-coaster," having grown up in Washington state in the picturesque town of Bellingham, WA, 1.5 hours north of Seattle. Nicolle got her BA in biochemistry from Lewis and Clark college in Portland Oregon, with a side trip to Kenya for a semester abroad. All this time, she studied science with an eye toward medical school, or perhaps graduate study--dabbling in the art world on the side..

Out of college Nicolle had the good fortune to work in Dr. Ullman's laboratory at Oregon Health Sciences where she studied tropical parasites like leshminiasis, african sleeping sickness and malaria. Not only did it

help prepare her thinking about how to display scientific information, it led her to the realization that she liked learning about scientific outcomes and results, had a profound respect for the people who had the dedication to get those results, but wasn't fulfilled herself doing the daily lab work.

After learning the humility of the lab – troubleshooting PCR reactions and perfecting microscopy images – Nicolle stumbled on the UC Santa Cruz Science Illustration program where her dual interests in art and science finally came together. Since leaving UC Santa Cruz, Nicolle has worked at the Stanford Linear Accelerator, then the National Science Foundation. During this time she started Sayo-Art LLC to meet the demands of outside clients. In 2007 she committed to Sayo-Art LLC full time. She just finished Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species, a graphic adaptation, with writer Mike Keller, to be published in October 2009 with Rodale. She continues to enjoy working with a diverse group of other clients.

Julia Barber

"After growing up in The Netherlands, studying in Falmouth, Cornwall, I have finally settled in Norfolk. I have been illustrating full time for five years.I produce realistic yet contemporary imagery for any subject matter or use. My style is very versatile and suitable for all areas of illustration. I am happy to take on commissions, however big or small and however tight the deadline. I thrive on the challenge and adrenaline (honest!)"

N. Lee Wade

I chose to feature Wade's technical drawings because the reminded me of the diagrammatic textbook style of Josh Keyes. While not nearly as hevy in concept and thrown out of context, their handling of volume, light, and space fascinate me. The possibilities for this style, to me, seem rather endless, and I would imagine, perpetually challenging to continue diagramming a countless variety of "stuff". I wish he would do something more conceptual with these, but they're gorgeous nonetheless.

Peter Yuill

A Toronto-based illustrator, working in realistic form, but employs anthropomorphic animals, food items, and other things to get his messages across, which rage from exaggerations of social observations to underlying political commentary. The appear dark, but humorous, and don't take themselves so seriously.

Erik Mehlen

Born: 9/25/83 - West Covina, California

Weapon of Choice: Paintbrush

Education: Atlanta College of Art 2004-2006, Savannah College of Art and Design 2006-2008

Awards/Recognition: Society of Illustrators Honorable Mention, work accepted into Society of Illustrators L.A. and New York shows, 3 bronze ADDYS in the professional category.

"I currently reside in Atlanta and wish to pursue a career in freelance illustration. My work is mostly realism, yet in some of my work I like to go beyond that. I am proficient in traditional and/or digital media. I also do murals and private commissions, so if you like my work then feel free to contact me with whatever project you need done!"


Luc Normandin

Luc Normandin has been working as an illustrator for over twenty years, his realistic style has allowed him to work for ad agencies, magazine, editorial, as well as for museological purposes. Aside from illustration as such, he also realized, using photoshop, large murals intended for exhibitions in Canada as well as in the US and Europe.

Philip Brownlow

"I originally come from Hyde, near Manchester, A small town made famous by Cotton Mills, Ricky Hatton and Serial Killers. I am currently based in Wolverhampton. I was a printer for quite a few years before leaving and doing what I wanted to do which was always going to be art based in some way. As a kid I loved to draw, paint and spent many hours making model kits and painting miniature figures. This was also where my long time interest in dinosaurs began, making some rather strange looking and very inaccurate model kits of them. I think this also gave me an appreciation for both 2D and 3D work. Having completed a degree in 3D design ceramics I worked for several years as a web designer (something I fell into completely by accident) where I realised how useful the computer had become in the production of artwork. I now use 2D and 3D in this virtual world. I suppose my work now falls into two main areas. 3D visual work for such things as exhibition design, set design and architectural visualisation and the more traditional illustration which can cover just about anything really (though my love of dinosaurs and all things prehistoric seems to be taking over that section). you can also add to this a smidgen of graphic design, web design and logo creation. For now I'm continuing to improve my technique and 3D modelling skills. There is also a growing urge to do some traditional painting and drawing again when time allows. Above all I would like just to continue doing what I enjoy doing (and get paid for it!)."

- Philip Brownlow

Mario Zucca

Zucca's illustrations center heavily around law enforcement, crime, police officers/detectives, mug shots, etc. One could almost say, he's using a 'cops and robbers' angle in his work. But if this is true, he's handling it in quite a clever way, offering up (in)famous faces in trouble with the law and caught on a bad day. Some of the compositions are reminiscent of movies or tv shows about cops, fictionalized or the stuff headline news is made of.

Thomas Keeley

Keeley's work operates in many ways; in miniature, through juxtapositions of unlikely pairs, shocking allusions, and at times, grotesque suggestions. It takes the familiar tangible objects of daily life, and orchestrates assemblages that push each individual element beyond their limits, suggesting new things or ideas, more so than if they were to act by themselves.

Tim Summers

After he graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2004 with a BA in illustration, he moved from Cornwall to Bristol where he currently lives and works. His works are highly imaginative , and communicate a certain warning or caution, without really trying to be 'preachy' and overbearing with messages. They speak about daily life and all it's ins and outs; drinking, medicine, health, technology and it's impact on pop culture also seem to be unavoidably apparent.

Blair Kelly

It was obvious from an early age that Blair Kelly enjoyed being creative. From the endless hours he spent drawing, to his eagerness to attend art class in high school. He graduated from Sheridan College's Interpretive Illustration program in 1999, landing his first job while in school. His many influences change constantly, some of which include 50's design, Pop Art, & Japanese prints. Blair's illustrations have appeared in various newspapers, magazines, posters & package design. His work has also been featured on t-shirts, pillows & was recently animated.