Friday, November 6, 2009

Philip Brownlow

"I originally come from Hyde, near Manchester, A small town made famous by Cotton Mills, Ricky Hatton and Serial Killers. I am currently based in Wolverhampton. I was a printer for quite a few years before leaving and doing what I wanted to do which was always going to be art based in some way. As a kid I loved to draw, paint and spent many hours making model kits and painting miniature figures. This was also where my long time interest in dinosaurs began, making some rather strange looking and very inaccurate model kits of them. I think this also gave me an appreciation for both 2D and 3D work. Having completed a degree in 3D design ceramics I worked for several years as a web designer (something I fell into completely by accident) where I realised how useful the computer had become in the production of artwork. I now use 2D and 3D in this virtual world. I suppose my work now falls into two main areas. 3D visual work for such things as exhibition design, set design and architectural visualisation and the more traditional illustration which can cover just about anything really (though my love of dinosaurs and all things prehistoric seems to be taking over that section). you can also add to this a smidgen of graphic design, web design and logo creation. For now I'm continuing to improve my technique and 3D modelling skills. There is also a growing urge to do some traditional painting and drawing again when time allows. Above all I would like just to continue doing what I enjoy doing (and get paid for it!)."

- Philip Brownlow

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