Friday, November 6, 2009

Tara Thelen

Tara's focus is to create pieces of art with a touch of soul! She places high importance on working closely with galleries and clients to ensure that the final artworks are a result of enthusiastic collaboration and creativity, with an emphasis on openness, honesty, and flexibility. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries throughout the US and Europe, as well as commissioned for private individuals, universities and hospitals. Tara works closely with Illumination Graphics,, on all of her promotional projects, such as book covers, logos, CD covers, posters, etc. Some of her works have appeared in unique places such as McDonalds commercials and on highway signs. Two of her paintings can also currently be seen on Melrose Place! Her talent for capturing soul in her work, as well as creating a real likeness in her subjects, combined with her enthusiasm and drive, has resulted in her solid working relationships.

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