Friday, May 30, 2008

Lee Ashworth

Born in 1975 in Chorley – Lancashire, England. Ashworth is well-versed in both the design and fine arts and took up oil painting after finishing his education. Soon after, he began to study computer 3D graphics, especially those used for movie production and special effects.
Ashworth is an illustrator as well as a designer, with great experience and skill in 3D rendering, photoshop, and vector logo design. Many of his images are so realistic, yet could not be reproduced via camera, thus making his work stunning, visually and technically innovative. His worlds are based upon the real, yet have twists or additions which serve to remove the piece from the viewer's own perceived reality.

Mike Thompson

A Maryland-based artist whose style is many things; including photorealistic, futuristic, imaginative, and honest. His own mission was and is to change the face of urban art. While still in college at the University of Maryland, Thompson airbrushed t-shirts in his spare time, and developed an exceptional talent for portraiture and began to depict celebrities of the time in his first works. And as he began to screenprint his designs, rather that apply them in thin streams of airbrush paint, the popularity of what he was doing began to catch on, on a national level. A few of his designs have been featured on In Living Color, Saturday Night Live, and The Sopranos.
And in 1997, he assumed the title of head of the t-shirt line being produce, by designer, Mark Ecko, only to leave shortly after in 2003. Since that time, Thompson's client list has grown immensely, attracting big names and alot of attention - attention to the "Norman Rockwell of Hip-Hop"

Clients: 2K Sports, Atlantic Records, The Coca Cola Company, Cornerstone Records, Electronic Arts, HBO, Infiniti Motors, JVC, and Kanye West.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Antonia Pesenti

Both an architect and an illustrator, Pesenti spent 8 years in Paris, France working for others. But now living in Sydney, she is beginning to combine her passion and knowledge of architecture with a graphic, illustrative style, and mixes pen and ink with digital media.
Her work is executed with a combination of approaches. Along with the digital arrangement of real-life materials, her line work is further reinforced and described through elements of collage. The impression of cut-paper arrangements and newspaper clippings blurs the line between digital and tangible.

Clients: Australian Gourmet Traveler, Vogue Living, Financial Review Magazine, Inside Out, House and Garden, Murdoch Books, Jetstar Magazine, Penguin Books, and Family Circle.

Robert A. Alejandro

An award winning Filipino designer not only designs and arranges artistic works in a static from, but also designs spaces, environmental graphics, and books and magazines – including cover illustrations for kids' books, coffee table books, and art books. Since the 70s, Alejandro has wokred in product design for his family gift shop. He still designs calendars, stationery, memo pads, greeting cards, an even wallpaper for various clients. His drawings, are linear, quick, and to the point, and this shows even in his more detailed works, the information is there, but its fast and gestural, communicating without overwhelming control.

Clients: Great Canadian Casinos, World Wildlife Fund, "Folio" Magazine, Time Out Amusement, and Bookmark Inc.

Mike Perry

Runs a small design studio in Brooklyn, NY and has for about two years. In the process of publishing his second book with Princeton Architectural Press. Recently, he started a magazine called Untitled a...
His work is linear, almost exclusively and has a line quality that is alive and energetic. Not necessarily a 'cartooney' feel to it, but rather a great periodically illustrative quality.

Clients: Zune, MTV, Spank Rock, Urban Outfitters, Teen People, American Eagle Outfitters, Zoo York, and Vagrant Records.

Daryl Campbell

The motto of Daryl Campbell could very well be dictated as such:

   "1 year. 365 days. 183 drawings."

He creates one drawing every other day for an entire year, in response and as an interpretation of world events and as a commentary of how strange the world can be sometimes. They comment on a variety of topics from the oil crisis, to the war, to technology. They are all done in pen and ink, giving the graphic feel of basic, but effective, black lines on white paper.

Andre Carrilho

Born in 1974, in Lisbon, Portugal – he has worked as a professional designer, illustrator, animator, cartoonist, and caricature artist. While working for a number of Portuguese publications, Carrilho has won both national and international awards, and he also has exhibited his work in Portugal, Spain, Braszil, France, and the U.S. Recently, he has developed interactive visuals, in conjunction with a fellow musician, and has directed a short animated film, "Dinner in Lisbon". 
His caricature work is formal, and basic. Some of the truly 'labored-over' portions of the works are the facial features and the hands, while the clothing and bodily forms are mostly represented by graphic elements of line and the sweeping contours of the human form.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Article Metaphors

Three illustrations i have created for three of the five articles i have chosen to report on.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mark Kaufman

Partner at 'Vivitiv', a Seattle-based, issue-oriented design firm. A member of the board of the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) Seattle, as an Illustration Community Director, as well as a member of the Graphic Artist's Guild and the Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce.
His work is both bold and expressive, with characterized depictions of people and things. His animated style is also lively, even when his subject matter isn't.

Clients: NY Times, The Progressive, The Stranger, Seattle Weekly, The Portland Mercury, Nationa Lampoon, Oxford American, Willamette Weekly, Maloof Entertainment, Sacramento Kings, Sacramento Monarchs, Kansas City Symphony, Entercom, Seattle Symphony, Seattle Mariners.

Riki Blanco


Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1978, he has worked mostly in editorial illustration for publications. For his communication pieces, as well as press work, he calls upon alot of visual metaphor, mainly juxtaposition and replacement. He deals with current issues and topics on the global plate and maintains an interestingly cohesive style. 

Jeremy Dower

He creates characters based on sketchbook drawings and feature an inventive use of geometric forms with lively features in the face, arms, and legs which give them a playful appearance. These basic drawings are refined, and made into larger, acrylic paintings – and often, inventing interactive counterparts for the subject, sometimes appearing large groups as a collective "family". His ideas and inspiration are intriguing, from rough version to the final polish.

Clients: Coca Cola, Panasonic, Foxtel, TRUTH (anti-smoking).

Josh Keyes

Born in Tacoma, Washington in 1969; earned a bachelor's degree from the school of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a master's in painting and printmaking at Yale University. He's been published in numerous publications, and exhibited in LA, San Francisco, Denver, and NYC. His 'cross sections' are inspired by cubism, minimalism, and scientific textbook illustrations. These works are environmentally aware; touching upon issues relevant now more than ever and address the consequences of a climate change. They work to simplify certain forms into basic geometry, and revealing hidden layers through dissection, both literally and metaphorically.

Clients: The Stranger, Pleiades, New York Magazine, Beyond Green, Design 2006.