Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Topic 3: Automobiles

Fascination with automobiles has been prominent ever since the first one was designed, built and finally driven in the 1700's (though technically considered then as a "steam carriage.") Since then, however America's fascination, and even fanaticism has grown leaps and bounds, with each and every new model and features coming out each year.
There's just something about moving quickly across the landscape at inhuman speeds that has fascinated mankind. First there were horses, followed by trains, and although flight was attained by the Wright brothers in 1903, in the following year mass production of the automobile began. 
My interest in automobiles stems from these initial feelings in history. I like traveling at rates of speed unreachable with human power... As a species, it's something to be proud of- harnessing elements in nature, as well as the natural properties of certain substances combined to create something mobile, powerful, and convenient for human life.


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