Saturday, May 24, 2008

Article Research: Air Taxis Grounded, for now.

What was just a short time ago, considered to be the newest, most convenient way to travel to and from destinations directly, air taxis have had, for the time being, grounded due to the freezing of the credit market. The relatively new idea of having smaller, privately-owned aircraft connecting flights from smaller airports for the convenience of the business-class, seemed to be off to a great start. The service would connect directly to destinations that otherwise may require a connection at a bigger commercial hub, and what's more, a possible overnight stay at a layover destination. However, the air taxi industry, which consists of over ten separate companies in the Untied States and several in Europe, has experienced a bit of a hiccup due to the slowing economy, which has appeared to have set the burgeoning industry to a grinding halt. Companies, such as DayJet, out of Boca Raton, Florida have experienced initial success, but have found themselves unable to raise the funds needed in order to further expand their business. And with interest at another low, and consumer confidence less than favorable, it is uncertain when these businesses and their ideas for convenient travel will get off the ground again. Read the full IHT article.

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