Monday, May 19, 2008

Metaphors: Research pt.2

Luba Lukova
target: guitar
source: knife/blood
ground: knife handles/tuning pegs; bloodstreaks/strings
tension: sharp points at the head of the guitar


Frederic Tacer
target: a man's legs
source: smoke stacks
ground: long cylindrical forms
tension: size differences as well as masonry/flesh


Ron English
target: Ronald McDonald, cows
source: Pimp/Prostitutes
ground: cows in women shape surrounding Ronald
tension: udders/clown

Stanley Donwood
target: words and suggestive phrases
source: a city street layout
ground: lanes, bridges, thoroughfares
tension: words, not building footprints

Takashi Sekiguchi
target: two wounded soldiers
source: one single operating soldier
ground: the existence of physical bodies, limbs, etc.
tension: four arms, two legs, unlike a single human being.


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