Friday, May 30, 2008

Mike Thompson

A Maryland-based artist whose style is many things; including photorealistic, futuristic, imaginative, and honest. His own mission was and is to change the face of urban art. While still in college at the University of Maryland, Thompson airbrushed t-shirts in his spare time, and developed an exceptional talent for portraiture and began to depict celebrities of the time in his first works. And as he began to screenprint his designs, rather that apply them in thin streams of airbrush paint, the popularity of what he was doing began to catch on, on a national level. A few of his designs have been featured on In Living Color, Saturday Night Live, and The Sopranos.
And in 1997, he assumed the title of head of the t-shirt line being produce, by designer, Mark Ecko, only to leave shortly after in 2003. Since that time, Thompson's client list has grown immensely, attracting big names and alot of attention - attention to the "Norman Rockwell of Hip-Hop"

Clients: 2K Sports, Atlantic Records, The Coca Cola Company, Cornerstone Records, Electronic Arts, HBO, Infiniti Motors, JVC, and Kanye West.

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