Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Topic 6: "Going Green"

 The phrase "going green" has reached household status these days, as our collective concern grows for reducing, re-using, and -recycling, and we as a culture clean up the mess that the great minds and society of the 20th century so thoughtfully left behind for us. Green, i suppose, refers to the green of our planet; the plant-life that produces fresh oxygen for us humans to breathe.
Now exactly how one "goes green", is still a bit fuzzy to me, but i know that utilizing the three R's is a step in the right direction. Not only does recycling benefit us in the long run, alternative fuels can also significantly reduce the amount of Fluorocarbons in the atmosphere that would otherwise choke away the ozone layer further and further.


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America said...

Applying the three R's is not the only way to go green. Everytime you pay a bill online, you're going green. Everytime you receive a check through a direct deposit, you're going green. Me, I was already doing a majority of this stuff. But I officially went green when I switched to bioheat. It's awesome, especially during the winter when it's freezing and I have to layer up as if I'm going to the North Pole just to stay warm. Who would have ever thought that organic materials like soybean oil could be used to heat up? I saw it as being more use for a facial mask or something. It's great and during the cold seasons it's the only other thing that I need besides my pea coat and my ugg boots.

Working for NORA has made me realize how important it is that we take care of environment. I found lots of cool ways I can help mother earth and not make major changes in my daily routine from:

Check it out and see if it makes your transition as easy as mine.