Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Topic 1: The Oil Price Hike

A quick look at oil prices throughout this decade:

2003 - $25 a barrel
2004 - $50 a barrel
2005 - $70 a barrel
2008 - $125 a barrel

This is a result of demand striving to never be exceeded by supply – a temporary solution in response to the growing economies of superpowers such as China, Japan, and of course, the United States.
Some remain optimistic about a reduction in in price soon despite many more who are doubtful. Those who are confident about the decline say that a gradual decrease in need and consumption (due to the higher prices, alternate resources, and alternate transportation methods).
It isn't impossible, however the continually scarce resources will inevitably remain a problem that most circles deem 'utterly impossible'. The prices could dip, but are expected to rise again, perhaps a while before we ever catch a break. one thing is certain, we must consider other possibilities in dealing with an ever-increasing addiction to oil.

Honestly, i feel we've been shuffling or feet on this issue, and others like it for entirely too long.The most efficient and inexpensive ideas are on the table, but we need economic and government support if any change is expected to be made.


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