Monday, May 19, 2008

Visual Metaphors: Research pt.1

Thomas Fuchs

target: RCA Dog
source: DJs
ground: arms and turntables
tension: four legs, fur, paws, gramaphones


Wesley Bedrosian

target: bubbles
source: planets
ground: floating spheres of gas
tension: liquid make up, considerably smaller scale, and short life span.


Christoph Niemann

target: screw, pot
source: liquid, 'molten' substance
ground: same color, and shape of a pouring liquid
tension: solidity/fluidity


Stephen Savage

target: gas pumps
source: models
ground: they recognizably remain gas pumps
tension: the scale of regular gas pumps has been altered.


Stephen Savage

target: seal
source: an infant
ground: small, delicate mammals
tension: not a human infant. blubber.


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