Friday, May 23, 2008

Article Research: Now, Even 'The Sims' can have Sleek, Modern Swedish Furniture...

Recently, the Swedish furniture company, Ikea met with and struck a deal with video game giant Electronic Arts, or 'EA', for an upcoming addition to their series of popular video games, The Sims. The addition will be a package, or expansion pack for the game, which will include various types and styles of furniture for your sims to use in their very own home. The package will cost around $20, and will feature everything from desks, to lamps, to the living room couch. This unique approach to in-game advertising has been seen before. Like a few years ago when the McDonald's corporation featured some of their products in a version of The Sims.
These examples aren't the first, but they definitely are the most ground-breaking methods of advertising that the public has seen in a short time. A number of advertising firms have considered this approach to in-game advertising and product placement
and many believe that it's the most-effective approach, because of the ever-increasing number of games that are being played online. In effect, companies would be able to invest in virtual advertising space so that those individuals playing the game are as exposed to the said product or name-brand, as those individuals who are not gaming. Read the full IHT article.

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Duane said...

Everyone has been talking about this over the last few weeks. My bigger question was, which is the next brand to join The Sims? Also, will this hep revive The Sims Online?

Jeremiah J. Patlan said...

There's no telling whether the online version is salvageable, but one would imagine that it is, given enough time, and bug fixes. As for the next brand, that's to be determined, but anything is possible.