Monday, May 12, 2008

Topics under consideration for the creation of new artwork:

Ten Current Events (relevant right now)
1.) Presidential Election campaigns for 2008.
2.) The Myanmar disaster.
3.) A recent and local train derailment.
4.) The NHL Playoffs.
5.) The NBA Playoffs.
6.) The release of Grand Theft Auto IV.
7.) Operation: "Blue Crush".
8.) Foreign Nuclear Capabilities.
9.) The oil price hike.
10.) "Going Green"

Ten Ongoing Debates (that will still be relevant in ten years)
1.) The electric car
2.) American foreign policy
3.) Over-crowding of the prison system
4.) Global warming
5.) Terrorism
6.) The need for an electoral college
7.) Republicans vs. Democrats
8.) Gender equality
9.) Genetics
10.) Alternate forms of energy

Ten Personal Interests of Mine (relevant whenever I say they are)
1.) Hockey
2.) Experimental/Progressive Music
3.) The Guitar
4.) Art history
5.) Movies/Documentaries
6.) Comic strips
7.) Beer (Brewing and Drinking of)
8.) Food
9.) Cars
10.) Space Travel

Ten Things Going On in the World Right Now That I Hate
1.) Celebrity Obsession
2.) Reality Television
3.) Over-paid and under-worked professional athletes
4.) Decreasing amounts of personal freedom and privacy 
5.) Political "mud-slinging"
6.) Narrow minds, and their opinions
7.) Politicians
8.) Some recent Super Hero movies (not naming names)
9.) Ethnic, religious, and international intolerance
10.) Police corruption

Ten Things Going On in the World Right Now That I Love
1.) The NHL Playoffs
2.) Summer Blockbusters
3.) A younger generation getting interested in politics
4.) The final 6 months of the Bush Administration
5.) Mapping of the Human Genome
6.) Summer
7.) The continuing Internet boom
8.) Breakthroughs in disease research
9.) Alternate power source implementation
10.) Our generation gaining it's voice and becoming an actual, functioning part of society.

Ten Things That May Happen Which I Am Looking Forward To
1.) Barack Obama becoming president
2.) Considerable success in cleaning up the 20th century's mess
3.) International Cooperation ( a stretch, I know)
4.) Alternate Fuel development and production
5.) Attaining a positive reputation for America again
6.) The legalization of marijuana
7.) More useful and beneficial technology
8.) Younger leaders assuming governing roles
9.) The eventual fall of the PC
10.) An increase in the accessibility of space travel to the public

Ten Subjects That Are Important To People I Know, Which I Don't Know and Couldn't Care Less About
1.) Harry Potter
2.) Baseball
3.) Designer Fashion
4.) Gossip Magazines
5.) Death Metal 
6.) Lord of the Rings
7.) Star Trek
8.) American Idol
9.) World of WarCraft
10.) (most) Anime

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