Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Alex Dukal

[22.12.66] Puerto Madryn. Patagonia Argentina. Illustrator. Graphic Artist. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts “Manuel Belgrano” of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Published in magazines like the mythical “Fierro”, “Lápiz Japonés”, “Blank” and some books like the recent “Freewave” from Booth-Clibborn Editions.
In 2000 Alex traveled to UK to make a digital paintings exhibition and he also offered a workshop in digital illustration at the Yale College of Wrexham, North Wales.

Actually working on some books for childrens (Feb. 2008).

Mike Lowery

Mike Lowery's work has been seen in galleries and publications across the globe. He is currently the artis-in-residence for Washington, DC's FW Thomas literary reading series recent clients and publications include: Pictoplasma's Character Encyclopedia, The Washington Post, TimeOut! Beijing, ReadyMade magazine, NEOMU, Print magazine, NASA, AIGA (featured 'best of' for designers in the DC and Baltimore area, and ThinkGeek, Inc.

Dan Santat


One day a year he is Santa Claus, but the other 364 days Dan Santat 
works as a children's book writer and commercial illustrator while fighting crime on the side. 
He is also the creator of Disney's animated hit, "The Replacements". Dan graduated with distinction from the Art Center, College of Design. He lives in Southern California with his wife Leah, his son Alek, a rabbit, a bird, and one cat. Clients Include: 
Wall Street Journal, Esquire, Time for Kids, Village Voice, GQ Russia, Macy's, Scholastic, Harpercollins, Simon and Schuster, Random House, Knopf Books, Dutton Books, Atheneum, Sterling Publishing, Hyperion Books, Walt Disney, Animation, Macworld, Time Out, Official XBox Magazine, Infoworld, Skiing Magazine, Boy's Life, Eletronic Business, Activision, Disney Interactive, Pasadena Weekly, Advertising Age, Toyquest, SEGA, Primedia Business, Fishwrap, and Folio Magazine.

Roman Klonek

Roman Klonek, born in Kattowitz/Poland, came 1972 as a very small child to Germany, became fast addicted on Comics and lost himself briefly into cryptic scribblings. Thousands and thousands of drawings later, in Trier, in the middle of the 90's, he discovered a giant and beautiful printing-press of the type Karl Krause, Berlin 1910. That was the beginning of a great friendship. In the meantime, he translated the woodcut style in the field of illustration and works for clients like: Sony/BMG, MTV-Network, Vodafone, Stern, Die Zeit... His work is, "simple, yet elegant" as the saying goes. The woodblock style coupled with his color choices throughout some of these examples, adds to the playfulness of the subject matter, resulting in good old fun in illustration.

Lucy Oldfield

Line Drawing is her specialty, whether it's the more technical automobile drawings, or compostions of smaller drawings of small trains, carnival equipment, etc. rich in negative space, providing interesting compositions rendered in beautifully muted color schemes, with only bits of rich color coming through. Clients include; Amelia's Magazine, .Net Magazine, Traveller Magazine, Free Range, I Love Dust, Lascivious, Fashion Garden, and The Pirate Ship Quintet.

Peter Mitchell

Mitchell graduated from the Sheridan College Illustration program in 2002 and now lives and works out of Toronto. His work has been recognized by American Illustration, 3x3 Magazine, Applied Arts, and hangs in the collections of Martin Scorsese, Steven Spielberg, Paul Quarrington, and many others. His work is crude, rough, sketchy, and some might even go so far as to say unfinished at best, with sloppy lines and erasure marks and color often time slapped haphazardly around the picture plain, marking changes in structures such as roofs, walls, doors, cars, etc. The harsh line is part of what makes hi work so damn interesting, and it's a perfect example of things i wish i could produce and be ok with... we'll get there one day. Clients: LA Times, Boston Globe, City of Toronto, Enroute Magazine, Lime Design, and The Stranger.

Iris Luckhaus

Iris Luckhaus works as a freelance illustrator since 1996, for very different clients, projects and applications, for example: postcards, flyers, posters, prints, books, CDs, booklets, magazines, editorial, advertising, decoration, textile print, packaging, icons, fashion and much more. 2001 to 2002, she has been instructress for fashion illustration at the UdK Berlin. Iris Luckhaus is a member of Illustratoren Organisation. In anthologies as 
FreistilIllustration Now! or Illusive, she is featured as one of the best illustrators worldwide. Her work often has sexual undertones, involving female sexuality and power through fashion, style choices, and even through the poses of her drawn subjects. The work appears to have been done, for the most part, crisply, perhaps with vector more than likely. Clients Include; Artzepost, Berlin Connections, Stockholm Jitter Magazine, Laugh it Off, Capetown Penthouse, The Equator, and Jerusalem.

Retsu Takahashi

Retsu Takahashi--with his partner, Fiona, their daughters, Teagan and Neve, and their cat ,Seamus 
("SHAY-mus")--is based geographically in Seattle, Washington. 
Some of his professional interests are in food-related, architectural, instructional, and informational images. He works in pencil, pen/ink, and/or paints, using the digital medium to compose and complete as needed. Organic lines and forms run throughout his work. He received his MFA in "Illustration as Visual Essay" from The School of Visual Arts in Manhattan (he also holds a BA in Women's Studies from Oberlin College, Ohio, and a high school diploma from Stuyvesant High School and a grade school diploma from Public School 41 in  New York City, and he attended preschool at The Circle School on 9th Street in Park Slope Brooklyn ). He also has had over 10 years experience in the print publishing field, focused primarily in the area of print production management. Black on White, simple inked contour line makes Takahashi's work right up my alley, with its extremely detailed and descriptive, though at times, almost scribbly line work, breathing energy into each one of his pieces, whether an interior, one single object, or an entire cityscape. Clients include Plum Magazine, The Conran Shop, Easy Star Records, The Thresher Magazine, Real Soon Records, and others.

Lee Hasler (Eyeport)

Lee Hasler is the mouse-hugging, flesh CPU attached to the Eyeport computer. He has finally escaped the lead fueled smog of London, to breathe the dung filled air of the countryside. And when not drawing little square-headed folk, he parades his tractor around town. He lives with his illustrator wife and grey &white cat, Alfred. His style was once heavily graphic, with thick, bold outline and contour lines in most every piece–now his focus has shifted form that towards the (surprise) isometric, however the difference between his work and mine, for the most part, is his decision and interest in showing human forms and isometric views, rather than structures and vehicles. Clients include: BP Horizons, Custom PC, Design Week, The Guide, Mac World, Orange, and PC World.

Michael Wandelmaier

Michael Wandelmaier grew up in Ottawa Canada in a family of science geeks with artistic temperaments. His years at Queen's University in Kingston were spent diligently neglecting his courses in Civil Engineering and Geology in favor of lesiure and drawing cartoons for the school paper. Upon graduation he moved to Toronto to pursue a career in graphic design and illustration. He is currently a designer at a Toronto advertising agency and an illustrator whenever possible. In the two years since Michael began illustrating professionally, his illustrations have appeared in publications such as The New Yorker, Maisonneuve Magazine, Fantagraphic's Beasts Book 2, and Planadviser magazine. Michael currently lives in Toronto with his girlfriend, artist Jessica Fortner, from whom he derives constant inspiration.

Graham Roumieu

Graham Roumieu ( born September 26, 1978) is the creator of the books 101 Ways To Kill Your Boss, In Me Own Words: The Autobiography of Bigfoot, Me Write Book: It Bigfoot Memoir, the just released Bigfoot: I Not Dead and the upcoming Cat and Gnome. He has contributed illustrations to projects for The New York Times, Harper's, Bon Appetite, Men's Journal, Disney, Coors, Penguin and The Guardian Unlimited to name a few. The work has garnered awards from American Illustration, Communication Arts, The Society of Illustrators New York, The Canadian National Magazine Awards, Coupe Magazine, The Society of Publication Designers, Applied Arts, and The Advertising and Design Club of Canada. He was educated at Sheridan College, graduating from its illustration program in 2001. He lives in Toronto. Feel free to drop by. His style choice may seem immature and rather crude, but i think that the result is charming and honest in it's simple line-drawn microcosms, and the fact that he still get his point across, as well as his humor out there for us to chuckle at, is what sold me on Roumieu.

Edwin Fotheringham

Edwin Fotheringham spent his formative years in Sydney, Australia, and was educated at the 
University of Washington School of Art in Seattle, where he lives today with his family. With work that has addressed subjects and markets as varied as punk rock and Neiman Marcus, The New Yorker and Ladies Home Journal, a Visa Card campaign and an elementary school auction, Mr. Fotheringham continues to enjoy solving visual problems with blotty lines. His work has a traditional "wood-blocky" feel to it, or even rough yet highly controlled ink line, I personally find appealing, (probably because I'm too neat with my drawing to readily emulate such a line). His humor isn't wrapped up in his compositions, only to be discovered by an enlightened audience, and holding nothing for the simpletons; but rather, it is plain and in your face, putting it's would-be 'heart' on it's metaphorical 'sleeve'. wow. that was deep.