Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Roman Klonek

Roman Klonek, born in Kattowitz/Poland, came 1972 as a very small child to Germany, became fast addicted on Comics and lost himself briefly into cryptic scribblings. Thousands and thousands of drawings later, in Trier, in the middle of the 90's, he discovered a giant and beautiful printing-press of the type Karl Krause, Berlin 1910. That was the beginning of a great friendship. In the meantime, he translated the woodcut style in the field of illustration and works for clients like: Sony/BMG, MTV-Network, Vodafone, Stern, Die Zeit... His work is, "simple, yet elegant" as the saying goes. The woodblock style coupled with his color choices throughout some of these examples, adds to the playfulness of the subject matter, resulting in good old fun in illustration.

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