Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lee Hasler (Eyeport)

Lee Hasler is the mouse-hugging, flesh CPU attached to the Eyeport computer. He has finally escaped the lead fueled smog of London, to breathe the dung filled air of the countryside. And when not drawing little square-headed folk, he parades his tractor around town. He lives with his illustrator wife and grey &white cat, Alfred. His style was once heavily graphic, with thick, bold outline and contour lines in most every piece–now his focus has shifted form that towards the (surprise) isometric, however the difference between his work and mine, for the most part, is his decision and interest in showing human forms and isometric views, rather than structures and vehicles. Clients include: BP Horizons, Custom PC, Design Week, The Guide, Mac World, Orange, and PC World.

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