Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Iris Luckhaus

Iris Luckhaus works as a freelance illustrator since 1996, for very different clients, projects and applications, for example: postcards, flyers, posters, prints, books, CDs, booklets, magazines, editorial, advertising, decoration, textile print, packaging, icons, fashion and much more. 2001 to 2002, she has been instructress for fashion illustration at the UdK Berlin. Iris Luckhaus is a member of Illustratoren Organisation. In anthologies as 
FreistilIllustration Now! or Illusive, she is featured as one of the best illustrators worldwide. Her work often has sexual undertones, involving female sexuality and power through fashion, style choices, and even through the poses of her drawn subjects. The work appears to have been done, for the most part, crisply, perhaps with vector more than likely. Clients Include; Artzepost, Berlin Connections, Stockholm Jitter Magazine, Laugh it Off, Capetown Penthouse, The Equator, and Jerusalem.

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