Monday, April 27, 2009

Ryan Graber

Graber was born and grew up in Los Angeles, and has an admitted love for sitting on rooftops. His delicate lines and energetic textures describe a world of absurd possibilities. With an offbeat sense of humor he is able to capture the often-ignored ridiculousness present in everyday life. He graduated from the California College of the Arts (and Crafts) and he has worked for a variety of clients including: Google, New York Magazine, Visa, MSN, Popular Mechanics, and American Airlines. His work is gritty and dramatic in it's handling. Working in everything from ink, pencil, and charcoal, his subjects come through as true to life and real. City scenes and everday life for the urban west-coaster is a larger part of what his work is about. However, I believe his true focus is that of humanity. Humanity from his perspective.

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