Tuesday, January 27, 2009

State of the Union 1

What media do you like working in?

-Cut Paper
-Pen and Ink   
-Conte Pencil         
-Ball-point pen
-Charcoal Pencil

What media do you hate working in?

-Ink & Brush... (lack of control, unforgiving in a way)
-Colored Pencil... (at times makes work too childish looking)
-Watercolor... (I'm not good a it, again can make work too childish looking because of this)
-Oil Pastel... (messy, and yet again, childish)

What media would you like to try, but haven't?

-oil paint
-colored ink

List three non-Illustrative classes that have influenced you and/or your work positively.

-Drawing Composition (helped me with composition, arrangement, details and realistic representation of subject matter)
-Life Drawing (helped me to increase my interest in drawing and accurately reproducing the human form)
-2D Design ( helped me consider textures of environmental subjects, as well as composition and arrangement.)

How has the work of your peers influenced you and your work?

-Many times I have found myself saying, "man I wish I could do that", or "I wish I could make things look that way." This was almost to the point of frustration at times, because I felt like my work didn't have the quality and consideration that was required to make me a successful artist, specifically an illustrator. However holding my own work up to the work of my peers has also given me confidence and reassurance, especially when I find myself in the mindset that, "I can do that too". It has also pushed me into exploring new media as well as pushing the detail and complexity of my work. And I've been been warned many times against developing my own 'style', but I do believe that the forming of my own style would make me confident in the work I produce, maybe not, I can't be certain.

What sort of subject matter do you like to create work about?

-Machinery/Manmade things (vehicles, technology, machines, etc.)
-Urban Landscapes
-People (sometimes - and is something I am becoming more and more comfortable with)
-Storyboards for my short films (planning scenes, laying out composition, and cinematographic ideas)

What sort of subject matter do you like to read about?

-Dark Comedy
-Novels about the human condition
-Band Biographies

What kind of music do you like? Why?

-Alt. Rock (what i gew up on, and went through puberty with)
-Progressive/Experimental Rock (something i began to like in High School, the medium is free and follows a specific structure even when it seems like ti doesn't)
-Classical (it's relaxing, and it's almost a window to another time and place that i will probably never understand, but nonetheless it has always fascinated me with it's beauty and complexity)
-(some) Hip-Hop (It's upbeat, motivating, and i like the fact that it doesn't always take itself so seriously)
-Blues Rock (it's raw and unbridled, andbeing from the south, i'm used to the blues, this just kicks it up a notch.)
-Garage Rock (once again, its raw, and powerful, and alot of times it's a bunch of kids peeling the paint off the walls of someone's living room...good stuff)
-Old School Punk (something from my high school days, it always inspired me to go against the grain, and to not do what everyone else was doing, and I think that's infinitely valuable.)
-Classic Rock (cheesy at times, but still fun, and i've always heard it, so it's been a part of my life)
-Surf (this is thanks to Remy Miller, who introduced me to the likes of Dick Dale, Link Wray and others... it sounds cool, and it emphasizes the electric guitar, plus it's another time and place yet again.)

What non-art related interest/hobbies/ skills do you have?

-Walking Movie Database (actors names, movie titles, soundtracks, etc.)
-Extensive knowledge of beer
-I collect beer bottles of every variety

What is something that you like that nobody else likes?

-The films of David Lynch

If you had the run of the world's museums, what three works of original art would you like to own?

- Standard Station - Ed Ruscha
Guernica - Pablo Picasso
- (View of) Munich - Gerhard Richter

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