Wednesday, January 28, 2009

State of the Union 4.2

If you were starting your own magazine and your livelihood depended on it selling well and your sanity depended on it being something you wanted to spend all your time on, what would it be? What sorts of  writers and artists and writers would you hire? What subject matter would you deal with? How would you want it to look?

I would want the magazine i started to focus on the emerging artists and writers coming out of college and design schools right now (2008-09/10...and beyond). Specifically focused on those artists coming out of the mid and southwest, because i feel that almost too much emphasis is put on the students coming out of the west and east coast, and not enough attention is paid to those kids coming out of the bread basket and bible belt states, and i think its time for a shift. I would hire writers and artists whose work i could get fired-up about, and whose ideas i could get behind with all my belief. I think those kids who get hardly any exposure, have some of the purest ideas. those ideas and beliefs who are untouched by anyone, but art teachers. And i would also hire those who had come straight out of art college and design schools, simply due to the work they have all put in to get to the point they have reached, and the goals they have had to realize for young artists as themselves. 

I would deal with the subject matter of today, tomorrow and further beyond our generational reach reach, the things we have thought about, and those things we have yet to consider. And i want it to resemble something of Juxtapoz  Magazine, with its emerging artists and recognizable figures representing something that every modern artist emulates and strives for in todays world. They feature everything from the up-and-coming, to the recognizable, yet unknown (Stanley Donwood), and i want to include everyone i can who has inspired me from the get-go: through High School, to my emergence from College.

10 magazines and their art directors:
Print - Jessica Walsh
Juxtapoz - Jeremy Orega
Rolling Stone - Joseph Hutchinson
GQ -  Warren Jackson
Maxim -  Sean Johnston
ESPN -  Jason Lancaster
Sports Illustrated - Craig Gartner
Billboard - Christine Bower-Wright
High Times - Frank Max
National Geographic - John Baxter

Stanley Donwood

Nishant Choksi

Jeremy Dower

 Mark Kaufman

Josh Keyes

-Stanley Donwood (6)
-Nishant Choksi (7)
-Jeremy Dower (8)
-Mark Kaufman (9)
- Josh Keyes (10)

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Kenneth Shofela Coker said...

Hey Jeremiah, the Illustration show is coming up on Monday so if you could bring one or two of your best pieces and put them in student services on Monday. T'would be great.